In accordance with its principles and values, Compañía Agrícola y Forestal El Álamo Ltda. will maintain an adequate balance between the sustainable development of its forestry activities, socio-economic development and environmental protection, committing itself to the following principles:

  • Look after the water courses, the protection and maintenance of adjacent flora and fauna.
  • Respect the current national legislation.
  • To use the water resources that it utilizes in a rational and sustainable way.
  • Promote citizen participation in environmental issues.
  • Protect environmental resources in their distribution, quantity, quality and diversity.
  • Repair, mitigate or compensate for any eventual environmental damages that may be caused.
  • Prevent environmental damage.
  • Gradualism and continuous improvement in the management of water resources.

Compañía Agrícola y Forestal El Álamo Ltda., has a sustainable development model, whose productive process actively promotes the improvement of the environment and the harvest of plantations, generating employment in the neighboring rural community and producing long-term profitability in agricultural areas of low productivity.