Since its beginning, the company has developed and carried out activities, reports and studies with the purpose of monitoring changes that may occur in relation to sylvicultural, environmental and socio-economic aspects.

This has contributed to generate the development of a complete monitoring system for each area, making up the companies Comprehensive Management Plan. This system, in its definition, considers the variables to be measured, the intensity and frequency of the measurements, monitoring methodology to be applied, periodic review mechanisms, reporting systems for the results and the feedback mechanisms of the Comprehensive Management Plan.

Some of the most important variables to monitor are:

  • Measures to mitigate environmental impact in the workplace.
  • Employment creation indicators (labor force).
  • Measurement of poplar seedling.
  • Chemical and bacteriological analysis of irrigation water (hydrological network).
  • Volume of harvested wood.
  • Forest growth.
  • Accident rate monitoring.
  • Permanent monitoring plots at BAVC Santa Delfina.
  • Agrometeorology.
  • Use of agrochemicals.
  • Training.
  • Irrigation Rates

We meet the most demanding quality standards, in which the principles and criteria established by the Forest Stewardship Council® are emphasised. Also our company maintains a constant measurement of gases emissions, aiming to reduce the carbon footprint.